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19" Rack Cabinet, 6 Units, Depth 450 mm, Black

Welly Enjoy IT has developed an ideal wall cabinet for all types of installations: from simple to the most complex. The Welly Enjoy IT WY40000 wardrobe, in fact, can be fixed to the wall or placed on the ground.

  • Glass door opening 180° with lock and key with possibility of choosing the direction of the opening. Removable side panels for easier installation of the various modules and devices
  • Solid 1.5mm steel structure.
  • Cable entry on the upper and lower part.
  • 120 mm fan housings or special roof ventilation kit.
  • Maximum load capacity: 50 Kg.
  • Wardrobe complete with 2 numbered front uprights adjustable in depth
  • Unit: 6.
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 540x450x310 mm.
  • Color: black, RAL 9005
  • Set of 12 screws included (screws + cage nuts).
  • IP 20 protection rating