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Welly Enjoy IT was born from a group of friends with a passion for technology.

Each member of the team has gained previous experience in companies and in different working environments before becoming part of Welly Enjoy IT.

It is precisely the different background and the multiple skills of our staff that make our team dynamic, flexible, expert and motivated to propose convenient and fun solutions to use computers and mobile devices, enhancing and facilitating the human-machine interaction!



Our mission is to guarantee quality products at the right price and above all to give emotions to our customers.

We are interested not only in WHAT a product can do but above all in HOW it will be used with particular attention not only to the EASINESS OF USE but also to the SOLIDITY and the product's DESIGN, which must be both FUNCTIONAL and COMPELLING.

In an age of technological omnipresence, we try to take care of the Design, aware of the fact that the products we use in everyday life have become an extension of our body in the interaction with the surrounding environment.

Welly Enjoy IT aims to respect the environment by using eco-friendly packaging with 100% recyclable products. In addition to this environmental awareness, we offer constant supervision of our sources of supply in order to ensure an environmental and social awareness across the entire production chain.

For our team, the user of our product is not just a consumer but a real partner with whom to develop a relationship of empathy and thanks to its choice of purchase and use of our product, it will help us to improve more and more in the development of solid, lasting and appealing solutions.



Thanks to a direct approach to the market by "reducing the distance" to the final consumers we are able to transfer more VALUE to them by aiming thoroughly to an excellence in the quality / price ratio.



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